Thursday, May 13, 2021

Another week

 I'm still not moving, but this week saw lots going on. Monday my conservatory roof needed attention and as the men arrived at 8 am I had to set my alarm and get up early, something I hate is that alarm! They did a good job and now it should be ok! Grandson has been bringing boxes  and stuff to store at mine since September as they did not know when  the move date would be as there were 8 properties in the chain. They couldn't get a removal van so on the day before moving day he hired a huge van for 4 days and brought nearly all their stuff to me, they spent the night on the mattress in their old home together with the cat. Didn't get new keys until 3pm then  all systems go. son inlaw and grand daughter both helped and it was mostly moved that evening. My daughter missed out on the fun as she was in charge at a voting station and did not get home until 11 pm when everyone else was shattered so was she as it is a very long day . Next day we took a car full round to the new house and inspected it. Cat was fine with a few Dreamies and there is so much storage space in this house I was impressed.My knees did not like the 2 staircases to the master bedroom as I have lived in a bungalow for over 40 years and have what us oldies call bungalow knees!! 

Now all their stuff has gone.I can see my spare bedroom, my utility room and half of my conservatory. It has been worth it as they now have a lovely home they have worked hard to get and I can see the floor and bed in all my rooms. Just getting every thing back to normal now . stopping now as I need a coffee Have a good day and smile, it's sunny, Val and Poppy xx

Saturday, May 1, 2021


 No I am not going to Move!!! My grandson has been trying to move an has left lods of stuff in my utility  room since Sept. He has been in a chain and  has found a nice house . My elder daughter has also deciced to to move and when making the house look nice for viewing has brought loads of craft stuff etc. to store in my conservatory. Last week my other daughter has decided to move!!! luckily she does not live close enoughg to store her stuff in my conservatory!!  I think it would be easier if I moved out and they all moved in** Poppy is happy exploring all the new smells except she can't work out why we have other cat smells     Daughter has 3 cats and grandson one.

The good news is that grandson now has a date to move and is moving on 6 May, I wonder how long it will take to retrieve all the things here, a few have migrated into the spare bedroom and Poppy is now checking it out for any cat intruders.

I have told them all No I am not going to move and hope to live here for many more years, I have lived here more than 40 years but I don't expect to be here in 40 years time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mayday to you all. Val and Poppyxx

Sunday, April 25, 2021


 Apart from flue jabs I have not been to the doctors for several years, but out of the blue I recieved a text message saying I needed a medication review and would I take my blood pressure twice a day for 2 weeks and send the results to the surgery. They would telephone me  after a week to discuss the results!! I had to borrow a BP machine from my soninlaw, and then buy one as he neede his!!  so took it morning and evening for a fortnight, took the results to the surgery and posted them through the door. About a week later I had a call from a withheld number (I don't usually answer them but did this time) The pharmacist discussed my medication which she did'nt  change as it from the hospital, she didn't say anything about my BP so I asked her, she hadn't had the results I sent in so I had to tell her my highest and lowest readings. Now I have to do it again 3 days a week and do it twice each time with an interval of 10 or15 mins between, and just put down the lowest one!!! She said she has made a note to find my original ones. Why was she not given them when I tookthem in.???? The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing not very reasuring is it??

Monday, April 12, 2021


 I have done several tapestry pictures over the years, several of which I have on my walls. the last one I made was called Sunflowers and I went off finishing it about 10 years ago. During first lockdown I sorted out my craft case and found it so I thought get it done Val so I spent the summer finishing off the beige border remembering why I had left it all these years, it was so boring that beige. Then I stuck it in the cupboard and forgot it. Found it last week and found it a place to go on the wall in the hall. Today I drove to the picture framers I have used for years, taking with me one they had previously framed as I wanted the Sunflowers to have the same frame and edging.I was totally amazed as they looked at their sticker on the back, went out the back, came back with a folder dated 2002, looked up the number and found when I had orderd it, the exact frame for it, my name address and tel. number so Sunflowers will match Spring Flowers.!!!!! 19 years since I finished the last one!! Hows that for great sevice?  

Saturday, April 3, 2021

No computer!!

 This has been a mixed week. As we are allowed to meet outdoors my daughter had her usual family meal  in the garden, so lovely to see them all, we splashed out on a dominos pizza or 3 as they were on special offer so we tried different tastes, and I had a gooey chocolate cake in the freezer (left over from Christmas ) so we all enjoyed ourselves. Library had a book reserved for me so another day I collected it ,took a picnic and went again down to the R.Orwell and did bird  watching, peole watching and started the new book. then the weather changed to cold & windy so I have been catching up on all those things I keep putting off, oh and my grandson took my computer away to update it and find out why it was so slow.I do have an ipad and a mobile phone but I like the computer as I have quite a large screen -easy to see. Good Friday was cold and windy and I could not watch Ipswich on the I-Player No computer !!!!! they won for the first time in yonks, Poppy & I cheated with just 1 Florentine & 1 Dreamies even thogh the score was 2-1.My grandaughter came during the afternoon and did a sterling job in weeding my front garden, now it looks as good as my neibours. Well I mustn't let the side down !! The computer arrived back later so now I am back on track It is super fast as a cable has been replaced and the software or is it the hardware I don't know one from another updated.  So I'm back**** Happy Easter to my blog friend and any one else reading this from Val and Poppy xx

Friday, March 26, 2021


 This week has been my 2nd birthday in lockdown. Last year on my birthday Boris told the nation that we were officially in lockdown even though we all knew that something was coming. It was the day after Mothers Day when my daughter had spent time with me so I told her not to come as I wanted to go out in the car in case I couldn't after Boris had spoken. My  grandson came during the morning and then I prepared my favourite picnic of egg & cress sandwiches, crisps apple and banana and as it was my birthday a bar of chocolate together with a flask of coffee. I drove down to the layby at Wherstead  on the river Orwell and spent a happy time birdwatching, reading, playing on my Ipad and having the picnic. This year was very different as I started my birthday week meeting up with my sister in law at Suffolk food hall sitting on her portable chairs with a coffee. I do not drink out of paper cups so I produced my bone china mug and transferred the coffee she had bought me into it. We spent a happy hour together and she gave me a bunch of daffodils Mondays present. Tuesday, my birthday Dawn came over during the morning with lots of presents and cards, my grandson came after work with his partner with flowers and present, and later my other daughter Portald me with lots of chat and she had posted me presents which I opened with her. Wednesday more presents arrived by post from her and a friend. Thursday the postman brought me a tree in a box which turned out to be a blueberry . I must try and make sure it has fruit if and when she comes later on in the year, and today the only parcels I had were my Morrisons delivery. this is the first time I have had presents spread out for a week, (I could get used to daily presents but don't think that is going to happen!!!!) Tonight is our family portal chat. I am so blessed that they bought me one soon after lockdown. If you hear lots of chat and laughing it will us 10 chatting between Suffolk and Gosport. Happy weekend, love from Poppy asleep on the sofa and Val xx

Friday, March 19, 2021


 Today I have been to my library to collect a book. I do love spending time in the library and miss being able to browse  but the staff are so nice and very helpful in keeping me up tp date with their select and collect system and giving me new authors to try in the genre I ask for.

When I was a child yonks ago, our library was at the end of our road and I spent many happy hours in there, we were only allowed 3 book and I soon discovered I could not return a book on the day I had borrowed it, as we had paper tickets and they were only changed at the end of a day, so I had my own system to beat this. I would go in early in the morning during the school holidays or on a Saturday, choose 3 books, I did not get them booked out  but chose another and sat all morning in the lovely art deco building which had a large childrens library and read all morning . I had to go home at 1pm as the library closed for1 hour so I carefully hid the book I was reading behind some other books,  checked out my 3 books went home for an hour  and then went back and finished the book I was reading!! I thought the librarian never knew but I bet she did as she was a bit of a tarter and had no loud talking only whispering in there. It was magic to me.

It was pulled down in the early 90s for an all singing all dancing up to date building but it does not have the soul of the old one. My mother lived in our house when the old one was built in the 1920s and was one of the first borrowers. I took her to the closing of it and to the opening of the new one where she borrowed books until she could no longer read them. I still go to that library when I take flowers to my parents grave as now books can be returned at any library.

Poppy has been snoozing on the settee whilst I have been reminiscing but I bet she will want her tea as soon as I get up from this computer🐨  Enjoy your weekend. Val and Poppy

Another week

 I'm still not moving, but this week saw lots going on. Monday my conservatory roof needed attention and as the men arrived at 8 am I ha...