Saturday, July 31, 2021

Happy BIrthday

 Today is my rescue cat Poppys birthday. She is 10 years old, and has been  with me for 11 months now. we are in a routine now and it works well. She hops on my bed at about 7am  and gives me a gentle hint by pushing me with her head. When I take the hint and get up she leads me into the kitchen where she has her breakfast before I get my coffee!! then out into the garden. She usually spends most of the day pottering about wherever I am indoors or out in the garden and if any windows are open she has to get out of them rather than out of the door. She is very quick and has bought me the odd present of a dead bird. Evenings she will hop onto my lap and push either my book or my knitting until I put it down and we concentrate on having a cuddle and stroking. We are both happy with our lives together and she loves to be fussed by family and friends.

Happy Birthday Poppy, lots of Dreamies and chicken for you today. xx Val

Thursday, July 22, 2021


 Iv'e been pinged!!! N.B. not that sort of pinging but at 3.45am this morning my smoke alarm started pinging every 2 minutes so there I was with a broom and poked it the middle and it stopped thank goodness. Poppy thought as I had woken her up she deserved a late midnight snack so before I fell into bed she gobbled down some  meaty food totally ignoring the cat biscuit. Thankfully no more pinging as I don't want to be isolated today as I am due at the hairdressers this morning. (if you don't tell Boris then neither will I!!) Have a happy weekend , it's going to rain in Suffolk I think so less watering and more reading. Hugs from Poppy and Val xx

Saturday, July 10, 2021

A lovely day out.

 On Friday my daughter and I took a lovely country drive to Helmingham Hall. They were opening there gardens in aid of The Blossom appeal, which is fundraising for a new breast care unit at Ipswich hospital. It was a very good day for a wander round these wonderful gardens as it was not too hot or windy and I took several pictures. (I must learn how to post pictures here.) A favourite with me and also my mother was the magnificent sweetpea walk with them growing over  the whole walk, breathing in was a joy  as the perfume was overwhelming. After walking round the vegetable and rose gardens, and photographing the topiary we had a quiche lunch in the cafe and then explored the sunken garden. An icecream, I had Eton Mess and Roast Coffee (you can't mix them my daughter said) but I did, and together they ended a perfect visit. How I love it that now I can spend more time with my daughter doing things we both like.

Have a lovely weekend, Come On England. I'm  saving a Magnum Icecream to have when we win!!!!! hugs to all from Poppy and Val xx

Sunday, July 4, 2021

A bit quieter this week

 Things have settled down this week except for the sport on TV. I have been feeling a bit more active except for Wednesday morning when I was so laid back I didn't get dressed until 12 miday!!!just pottered around but then realised it was Zumba afternoon and as usual we had a great time . It makes me feel more energetic and after our usual coffee and chat I attacked my back garden which has shot up since we have had some rain this week. Will have to have  another go soon as yesterday afternoon we had a tremendous storm for about an hour including thunder and lightning, the noise in my conservatory  was deafning so Poppy and I retreated into the lounge to read or snooze. All waterbutts are full and pot plants are standing in water so todays job is to save that water on buckets for later. It was very humid all day so I was pleased that I had walked down to the river early in the day.

Sport has been great this week England beat Germany 2-0 and then got through to the semi finals winning 4-0 against Ukraine. My lucky football socks have done the job again, I shall not wash them whilst we are winning!!! felt sorry for Andy he looked shattered most nights and I think he needs think hard about his future.

It's cool this morning so I am attacking my wisteria which has put forth lots of waving tendrils. This evening I am joining my family for a meal out so no cooking for me today. Hurrah. Happy Sunday to all my blog friends. Hugs from Poppy and Val  


 I was sorting out my loyalty cards and found a garden gift card amongst them. I checked it out online and had £5 left on it, card was valid...