Thursday, December 24, 2020

It's Christmas, well nearly.

 Tomorrow it will be Christmas, what a week leading up to it Daughter in tier 4 after only 13 hours in tier 3!! we have joined her jumping from 2 to 4. A 5 day Christmas changing to 1  and Brexit has finally been agreed. 

I have finally done everything I am going to towards hosting my first Christmas lunch for 10 years. I am lucky enough to have my daughter and family here on Christmas day and I have been stressing about having enough of everything  or messing it up by forgetting something. My list pads have been in overtime as every time  I go into a room I check the list in it and cross something off. Now I have reached the don't care time, if I haven't got it or done it  Hard luck and I am looking forward to opening my presents with my other daughter by Portal and later in the day both families will meet up on it. We will start a new tradition and whatever happens we will always remember this one.

Happy Christmas to all of my blog friends Poppy and I will be back soon, we are now going to have a Florentine and some Dreamies , question is who will have the most!!!!! Take all of you . with love from Val and Poppy xx

Sunday, December 20, 2020

End of the week

 This week stated like most of them, after a very wet few days the sun shone on Monday and I walked at Needham Lake. it was very wet underfoot as I discovered my trainers were leaking so it was a bit squidgy. I popped into the range on my way home, it was very quiet with no queues. Then a lovely surprise was a visit from one of the W.I committee with a Christmas bundle. A pot of narcissus W.I .magazine a card  and a goody bag with several surprises including a choc. teacake with a hand knitted Christmas cover. It would have been our party night so they thought they would bring the party to us, so kind and I did appreciate it and the chat with Jo. Tuesday I walked round the village and delivered my local cards and watched I.T.F.C win a game!! Hurray 2 Dreamies  for Poppy 2 Florentines for me!! Wednesday I took a wreath to my parents grave at All Hallows, met my sister in law ands walked in Landseer Park. I had never walked here before as when I lived here as a child it was the local dump and although other children played there I was not  allowed to. (no health and safety then).  My daughter spent the afternoon with me. 

Thursday was Morrisons delivery and fish and chips day then the drama began as Poppy had been asleep during the evening. couldn't stand up on her back legs  with the back right leg sticking up didn't eat and wriggled about in pain, neither of us had much sleep, I phoned my daughter Friday morning and she came to let the plumber in as he was mending a leak on the boiler!! I took Poppy to the vet who said she had a puncture wound on the back leg (they thought from a fight) gave her anti biotics and painkiller and we got back just as the plumber was finishing.  We were all stressed out and it has taken 2 days for Poppy to get back on her feet, eating, and today she has been out in the garden, so all is well except for a big vets bill!!! Have a safe weekend, Poppy and Val


Saturday, December 12, 2020

Quiet Week

I think the weather has made this a quiet week. Not much sun cold frosty and very rainy, in all it hasn't tempted me out much I have walked round the village delivering my cards and posted those I had to so thought I had done well nice and early but of course someone I had cut out of my list then sent me one so I must post one this weekend. Why is it always one that needs to be posted that catches me out!!   I have bought a new wreath for my parents grave and am meeting my sister in law next week as the graveyard is near her home and we will go for a walk in a park nearby. I lived there as a child and the walk was then the Dump and I was forbidden to go there so it will a change to see it as it is now 60 years later as although I drive past it to visit the grave I have never been in it. Best evening of the week was Thursday when I had a 4 way Portal chat with both my daughters and my grandson, which lasted nearly two hours!!( we can all talk for England when we get the chance) and by the time we were finished Poppy was winding round my legs wanting to have her evening play with her toys and then her supper. Yesterday I picked up my library book, delivered a present and card to an elderly friend who never stops talking, and picked up my prescription so am stocked up until February! My feet were soaked and so I have to throw out my old trainers and ordered some online. went mad and also ordered a candle arch as I need decorations that are easy to put up as I don't get up on steps any more. Also ordered a cafetiere ( have I spelt that right?) as mine has broken. Next week shall have several parcels. Today is gloomy but Poppy and I are going to spend the morning chopping up the last of my rambler rose which blew down in a storm and filling the brown garden bin for collection next week and then i will be watching my live stream of I.T.F.C. v Portsmouth with fingers crossed as I still have Florentines left to have if we score a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won last week so I was a happy bunny. Stay safe, love from Poppy and Val

Friday, December 4, 2020

It's Snowing!!!!

 Woke up to snowing this morning, neither of us fancied going outside, Poppy  just about slunk out of the garden door and rushed in as soon as she could.  I am thinking of getting a cat flap as keeping opening and closing the door during the winter is a bind.  I haven't been far this week as weather has been raining except for Tuesday when my daughter Dawn came and we sorted out my front border, me pulling up french marigolds which had had their day and she doing the hard work of forking out the weeds and tidying everything up. I will plant things in the spring. Back garden is still a tip I have chopped down the rambler rose that blew down in a gale and still have another bin load to get rid of. Just recently I seem to have lots of things go wrong but am ploughing through them. latest one was my Fitbit which was showing the wrong time and I couldn't sort it out. My stepson rang for a chat yesterday and told me to put it next to my Iphone and sync the  Iphone up, lo and behold it worked and both are back to normal. thanks to Robert. Seeing the snow this morning I remembered that when I was looking after my 3 year old grandson (several years ago now) he rushed to the lounge window and said It's snowing out the front Nannie Val than rushed to the french doors and said It's snowing out the back as well!! and guess what it was*****  Keep warm in this cold weather. Val and Poppy.


 Iv'e been pinged!!! N.B. not that sort of pinging but at 3.45am this morning my smoke alarm started pinging every 2 minutes so there I ...