Saturday, June 26, 2021

It's been agood week

 Nothings gone wrong so thats a good week. I went on line to check my house insurance, dcovered I could get it cheaper and after a phone call got £60 off the original total ,That started my week off well! Tuesday England scraped through to the knock out stage, then on Wednesday the best day of all. I was dishcharged from Ipswich hospital Breast Cancer FREE. How grateful I am to them all, so kind and caring. That afternoon I went to my Zumba  Gold chair exercise class, I just had to tell them all my good news and they cheered and clapped and we had a happy energetic time finishing off with a coffee and chat ** Thursday my friend V and I drove to Woodbridge on a sunny day, had a lovely jacket potato lunch in the shade outside the Whistle Stop Cafe at the station. I climbed the steps over the railway (haven't done that since before lockdown) my bungalow knees don't like steps!! and strolled around the harbour to the watermill and relaxed in the new square that was Whistocks boat yard. we enjoyed every moment of this warm sunny time.  Friday I shopped at Morrisons and my daughter Dawn came for the afternoon and sorted out my tech issues with my fitbit and computer. Today is warm and sunny so I bought local fruit and veg from our farm shop,  weeded my front garden and planted the last of my pots up with begonias. think I'll have a lazy reading day tomorrow. Poppyhas spent her time lying in the sun, then shade, then sun again, She follows me around all day and is sleeping on the chair  next to me, probably dreaming of Dreamies, I'm sure she is as addicted to them as I am to chocolate!!! Hugs to all my blog friends, hope you have a lovely weekend,  Val and Poppiexx

Monday, June 7, 2021


 It's been a lovely weekend with me potting round the garden and lazing about reading, and Poppy  checking out anything that moves and stretching out in various cool places and sunny ones. She will investigate anything and everything and whilst I was sitting reading she hopped up on the chair next to me, and onto the large garden rubbish bin ( that the council charges £50. a year for since they closed the closed the local tip). The bin was quite full with lots of twiggy bits in it, she started to walk across the top and promply sank and disappeared!! a lot of scrabbling went on and then a paw appeared then another, she hauled herself out gave me a fithy look and jumped down and hid under my table. I could have got her out but thought it might teach her a lesson, since then she has given it a wide berth!!  I do have 2 water butts and they have lids so she should be safe when she gets onto them!!! Stay safe and have a happy day Val and Poppy


 Iv'e been pinged!!! N.B. not that sort of pinging but at 3.45am this morning my smoke alarm started pinging every 2 minutes so there I ...