Saturday, May 1, 2021


 No I am not going to Move!!! My grandson has been trying to move an has left lods of stuff in my utility  room since Sept. He has been in a chain and  has found a nice house . My elder daughter has also deciced to to move and when making the house look nice for viewing has brought loads of craft stuff etc. to store in my conservatory. Last week my other daughter has decided to move!!! luckily she does not live close enoughg to store her stuff in my conservatory!!  I think it would be easier if I moved out and they all moved in** Poppy is happy exploring all the new smells except she can't work out why we have other cat smells     Daughter has 3 cats and grandson one.

The good news is that grandson now has a date to move and is moving on 6 May, I wonder how long it will take to retrieve all the things here, a few have migrated into the spare bedroom and Poppy is now checking it out for any cat intruders.

I have told them all No I am not going to move and hope to live here for many more years, I have lived here more than 40 years but I don't expect to be here in 40 years time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mayday to you all. Val and Poppyxx


  1. Moving is such a major upheaval. I'm not moving either, unless I HAVE to. xx

  2. Well, you know my moving saga!
    Brother in Law has been very good about having some of my stuff in his house, garage, greenhouse and garden but I'm sure he'll be glad to see it gone soon.

    1. How pleased you will be to get it all back!!xx



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