Friday, May 28, 2021

Car Parking fees.

 Yesterday my friend and I went out together for the first time in over a year. We went to Felixstowe to the Viewing area at the docks where we planned to have lunch at the cafe. Parked the car in the car park and V said Oh we have to pay now, checked the notice to see how much and discovered we could only pay by app or by phoning the number given. I don't know how to put an app on my phone and wouldn't do it without my daughters help, she doesn't have a smart phone and neither of us was happy about phoning and giving details over the phone so the cafe lost it's trade,. we lost a lovely morning out and we won't be able to go again as only 1/2 hour is free. Our local pub got our trade as it does take cash or card. Lots of people don't use Apps and are deprived of enjoying doing things because of it. Rant over enjoy, the weekend Val.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tickling tummi

 You can learn something new every day!! I did not know why Poppy often lays on her back with her legs in the air but last weeks East Anglian Times newspaper vets column tells me that if a cat does this it means they are bonding with you but do not attempt to tickle  thier tummy as they will scratch you!! I had found that out the hard way that Poppy has very sharp claws and moves a lot quicker than me.I suppose  that their tummy is very vunerable when exposed so attack is the first form of defence. I could try this myself but as I can't get up from the floor now I'll pass. It's sunny now so one of us is going to have a shower and the other a snooze. Guess which one I am doing???? xx

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Another week

 I'm still not moving, but this week saw lots going on. Monday my conservatory roof needed attention and as the men arrived at 8 am I had to set my alarm and get up early, something I hate is that alarm! They did a good job and now it should be ok! Grandson has been bringing boxes  and stuff to store at mine since September as they did not know when  the move date would be as there were 8 properties in the chain. They couldn't get a removal van so on the day before moving day he hired a huge van for 4 days and brought nearly all their stuff to me, they spent the night on the mattress in their old home together with the cat. Didn't get new keys until 3pm then  all systems go. son inlaw and grand daughter both helped and it was mostly moved that evening. My daughter missed out on the fun as she was in charge at a voting station and did not get home until 11 pm when everyone else was shattered so was she as it is a very long day . Next day we took a car full round to the new house and inspected it. Cat was fine with a few Dreamies and there is so much storage space in this house I was impressed.My knees did not like the 2 staircases to the master bedroom as I have lived in a bungalow for over 40 years and have what us oldies call bungalow knees!! 

Now all their stuff has gone.I can see my spare bedroom, my utility room and half of my conservatory. It has been worth it as they now have a lovely home they have worked hard to get and I can see the floor and bed in all my rooms. Just getting every thing back to normal now . stopping now as I need a coffee Have a good day and smile, it's sunny, Val and Poppy xx

Saturday, May 1, 2021


 No I am not going to Move!!! My grandson has been trying to move an has left lods of stuff in my utility  room since Sept. He has been in a chain and  has found a nice house . My elder daughter has also deciced to to move and when making the house look nice for viewing has brought loads of craft stuff etc. to store in my conservatory. Last week my other daughter has decided to move!!! luckily she does not live close enoughg to store her stuff in my conservatory!!  I think it would be easier if I moved out and they all moved in** Poppy is happy exploring all the new smells except she can't work out why we have other cat smells     Daughter has 3 cats and grandson one.

The good news is that grandson now has a date to move and is moving on 6 May, I wonder how long it will take to retrieve all the things here, a few have migrated into the spare bedroom and Poppy is now checking it out for any cat intruders.

I have told them all No I am not going to move and hope to live here for many more years, I have lived here more than 40 years but I don't expect to be here in 40 years time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mayday to you all. Val and Poppyxx


 Iv'e been pinged!!! N.B. not that sort of pinging but at 3.45am this morning my smoke alarm started pinging every 2 minutes so there I ...