Saturday, February 27, 2021

Not the Best of Weeks

 The weather has cheered up this week with lots of sunny spells, it is milder but the wind has been a bit sharp. I have not walked much this week I just don't want to and have felt lazy all week. 

Poppy is sulking because Morrisons brought her meat in Jelly for over 7's instead of fish and this morning she has refused to eat any of it, only eating biscuit so it is going to prove a difficult time  or she will starve.

Tuesday was dreadful Dawn phoned to say that her oldest cat Bernerd had been killed that morning by a big black greyhound that had escaped from its garden. Bernerd was asleep in the sunshine in the front porch when he was grabbed and killed, A lady got the dog to drop him and she rushed him to the nearby vets but he was already dead. It caused uproar in their road , everyone was trying to to find their cats or dogs and even I had to look for Poppy whilst Dawn and I were crying on the phone. I live about 2 miles from Dawn but it was such a shock. social media got involved and the dog was soon identified. The police were called but as it had escaped nothing could be done. Bernerd was top cat of Dawns 4 cats, He was very vocal and when he wanted something everyone knew. He soon learned how to open the automatic bin in the kitchen was often found bin diving. He was a rescue cat like all her cats and soon made himself at home with a neighbor who fed him and was a bit like 6 cat Sid eating at all his favourite cat lovers!!  RIP Bernerd xx

Wednesday I went to Needham Market to have my hearing aids checked and then wandered down the High Street for a change, not many shops open but the lovely bakery was so I treated myself to baps, a cheese twist and 2 cakes cream & jam doughnut and a cinnamon whirl. Ooh they were lovely and I went to the butchers for lovely ham and sausages. I had not been to Needham for a year and really enjoyed the morning out.

Dawn came over on Friday and did the list of jobs I had for her including sorting out my computer and filling up the bottle on my floor mop! We should have had coffee and cake but she does not drink coffee and I shouldn't eat cake so we had cold drinks and cherries. I had already eaten the Needham cakes so they don't count!! we had our family chat during the evening, I look forward to seeing them all week. No quiz this week but lots of laughter and smiles as usual so this week has ended on a high

That's all for this week, Will Poppy eat Meat Whiskas?? or will I give in and buy some fish ones. I'll let you know nesk week. Happy weekend from Poppy and Val.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Good things this week

 After lots of oh oh oh last week I am in a better frame of mind this one! The snow eventually melted off my steps and I can now get into the garden to walk and see what's about, I loved the groups of purple and mauve crocuses and a few pansies popping up. 

I was glad to see that the library is now open from 10am to1pm everyday, Tuesday I emailed in a list for select and collect, and on Wednesday they phoned and said my list was ready. What great service!! When I collected there were 9 books and they had given me some new authors to try so I was very happy. 

Thursday was the three weeks since my Covid jab so my daughter was able to come indoors, she hasn't been inside since Christmas and lovely as it has been to see her in the carport having a long chat in the lounge was great. and pensioners fish and chips is now back on the menu as my friend is now home again.

The weather has been cold and wet so only hurried short walks this week but several afternoons on the sofa catching up with saved TV programmes . Poppy likes these as when I am snuggled up on the sofa she leaves her throw and hops on my chair for the afternoon snooze.

Friday Morrison did not send any Whiskas, the delivery driver was very apologetic but luckily Poppy will not be on rations as I have good supply  and an emergency tin. Dawn has 4 cats so she can always drop off some if necessary.

We had a fun family Quiz last night, Grandson organised it and there were 8 of us so it took about 2 hours and lots of laughs I even had a glass of wine as did everyone else, my glass was like a thimble compared to theirs and it didn't help me to win !!! No prizes but the winner got to take their dog out at 9.30 pm as Gordon ( the dog ) was desperate by then.

It's 11 degrees here so we better get into the back garden and start cutting back and weeding.

Happy weekend to you all from Poppy and Val 

Friday, February 12, 2021

 Day 7

This is the seventh day that the snow has been piled up around the back of my bungalow. The front has melted slowly but the drifts round the back door have frozen solid and although I swept the first of my 3 steps down into the garden so that Poppy can get out I dare not try to get down the steps as I am afraid of falling. The steps face East and any sun we have had has been during the afternoon so has missed the back of the bungalow. The temperature is due to start going up  from tomorrow, (so the forecast from Wattisham says) so I am looking forward to the great thaw!! I haven't been out walking all week so am a bit stir crazy like most of my blog friends, but the good news is my friend who had a fall is back home now after a month at her daughters and Thursdays pensioners fish & chips has resumed courtesy of her daughter . I usually have a list of jobs to do and some the the things keep getting moved to the bottom of every list, so I am pleased to say that yesterday I cleaned the top of my grill hood. I can't see the top usually as I have shrunk since I bought this cooker and need to stand on the steps to be able to give it a good going over and yesterday I was in the mood !!!!! so I am feeling pleased with myself. Still have things on the list to do but that's for another day!  Poppy is scratching at the door so I had better let her in and begin 7 day snow day. Stay safe and warm, Poppy and Val

Sunday, February 7, 2021

It's started

 Yes it's started to snow about  a half an hour ago, Poppy had a quick going out and is now sleeping on the settee as close as she can get to the radiator. I'm wearing my thickest dressing gown and have a large coffee so we are cosy. This week has been all about decorating as R my decorator arrived at every day, which meant I had to get up at 6am, get dressed sort Poppy out , make the bed, get a tray of cereal and coffee ready, move Poppies tray with food on it into the lounge, she loves that! and then we were trapped in the lounge all day, R and I put masks on every time I wanted to leave the room. I have never watched so much TV during the day, as I don't usually put it on until lunchtime news. A couple of days towards the end of the week we escaped into the garden and pottered about cutting back and pulling out weeds and one day we had lunch in the sunshine.  The hall is finished and looks good so yesterday I did Not get up to the alarm and pottered about all day. My daughter popped over to lend me some more books and a bottle of wine just in case the weather is bad for the next few days, I watched Ipswich Town on the computer and they won 2-0 Happy days, just a pity I have no Florentines left to celebrate with!!!!

I must get dressed now as Morrisons delivery is due this morning and and I must be prepared, so stay indoors, stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the snow out of the window. Happy Sunday from Poppy and me x

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 Its been cold wet and miserable lately and I haven't been inspired to walk around the village much, but today after a wet and mild start to the day my part of Suffolk had a lovely blue sky and lots of warm sunshine so Poppy & I departed to the back garden for a bit of sunny gardening. I cut down my Buddliea an lightly forked over one of my borders. Poppy meanwhile pottered about and around me and then climbed the fence and sat on my neighbours fence in the sunshine totally ignoring my dulcet tones calling her down. She scampered back when she thought I was going inside without her and then we had a snack lunch of sausage roll and a toasted hot x bun with a coffee. she had sausage meat,  I shared the pasty with the birds and she thought she would help with the washing up by licking the Lurpak off the plate (no interest in hot x bun) & no one wanted to share my coffee!! Fancy being able to have  lunch in the garden on 2 February without a coat on.  All is well with our little world 😀😺



 Iv'e been pinged!!! N.B. not that sort of pinging but at 3.45am this morning my smoke alarm started pinging every 2 minutes so there I ...