Friday, February 12, 2021

 Day 7

This is the seventh day that the snow has been piled up around the back of my bungalow. The front has melted slowly but the drifts round the back door have frozen solid and although I swept the first of my 3 steps down into the garden so that Poppy can get out I dare not try to get down the steps as I am afraid of falling. The steps face East and any sun we have had has been during the afternoon so has missed the back of the bungalow. The temperature is due to start going up  from tomorrow, (so the forecast from Wattisham says) so I am looking forward to the great thaw!! I haven't been out walking all week so am a bit stir crazy like most of my blog friends, but the good news is my friend who had a fall is back home now after a month at her daughters and Thursdays pensioners fish & chips has resumed courtesy of her daughter . I usually have a list of jobs to do and some the the things keep getting moved to the bottom of every list, so I am pleased to say that yesterday I cleaned the top of my grill hood. I can't see the top usually as I have shrunk since I bought this cooker and need to stand on the steps to be able to give it a good going over and yesterday I was in the mood !!!!! so I am feeling pleased with myself. Still have things on the list to do but that's for another day!  Poppy is scratching at the door so I had better let her in and begin 7 day snow day. Stay safe and warm, Poppy and Val


  1. You've had an awful lot more snow that we have here. Fingers crossed for a proper thaw for you - I agree about not risking those icy steps. Far too tricky when it is so cold.

  2. This amount of snow is just so unusual isn't it. Can't remember the last time that I was snowed in for a week!



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