Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 Its been cold wet and miserable lately and I haven't been inspired to walk around the village much, but today after a wet and mild start to the day my part of Suffolk had a lovely blue sky and lots of warm sunshine so Poppy & I departed to the back garden for a bit of sunny gardening. I cut down my Buddliea an lightly forked over one of my borders. Poppy meanwhile pottered about and around me and then climbed the fence and sat on my neighbours fence in the sunshine totally ignoring my dulcet tones calling her down. She scampered back when she thought I was going inside without her and then we had a snack lunch of sausage roll and a toasted hot x bun with a coffee. she had sausage meat,  I shared the pasty with the birds and she thought she would help with the washing up by licking the Lurpak off the plate (no interest in hot x bun) & no one wanted to share my coffee!! Fancy being able to have  lunch in the garden on 2 February without a coat on.  All is well with our little world 😀😺


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  1. That's just lovely. I'm sot so far away but it wasn't warm enough to sit out round here. Not for me anyway!



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