Saturday, February 27, 2021

Not the Best of Weeks

 The weather has cheered up this week with lots of sunny spells, it is milder but the wind has been a bit sharp. I have not walked much this week I just don't want to and have felt lazy all week. 

Poppy is sulking because Morrisons brought her meat in Jelly for over 7's instead of fish and this morning she has refused to eat any of it, only eating biscuit so it is going to prove a difficult time  or she will starve.

Tuesday was dreadful Dawn phoned to say that her oldest cat Bernerd had been killed that morning by a big black greyhound that had escaped from its garden. Bernerd was asleep in the sunshine in the front porch when he was grabbed and killed, A lady got the dog to drop him and she rushed him to the nearby vets but he was already dead. It caused uproar in their road , everyone was trying to to find their cats or dogs and even I had to look for Poppy whilst Dawn and I were crying on the phone. I live about 2 miles from Dawn but it was such a shock. social media got involved and the dog was soon identified. The police were called but as it had escaped nothing could be done. Bernerd was top cat of Dawns 4 cats, He was very vocal and when he wanted something everyone knew. He soon learned how to open the automatic bin in the kitchen was often found bin diving. He was a rescue cat like all her cats and soon made himself at home with a neighbor who fed him and was a bit like 6 cat Sid eating at all his favourite cat lovers!!  RIP Bernerd xx

Wednesday I went to Needham Market to have my hearing aids checked and then wandered down the High Street for a change, not many shops open but the lovely bakery was so I treated myself to baps, a cheese twist and 2 cakes cream & jam doughnut and a cinnamon whirl. Ooh they were lovely and I went to the butchers for lovely ham and sausages. I had not been to Needham for a year and really enjoyed the morning out.

Dawn came over on Friday and did the list of jobs I had for her including sorting out my computer and filling up the bottle on my floor mop! We should have had coffee and cake but she does not drink coffee and I shouldn't eat cake so we had cold drinks and cherries. I had already eaten the Needham cakes so they don't count!! we had our family chat during the evening, I look forward to seeing them all week. No quiz this week but lots of laughter and smiles as usual so this week has ended on a high

That's all for this week, Will Poppy eat Meat Whiskas?? or will I give in and buy some fish ones. I'll let you know nesk week. Happy weekend from Poppy and Val.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Bernard.
    Your Poppy Knows what she likes!



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