Sunday, February 7, 2021

It's started

 Yes it's started to snow about  a half an hour ago, Poppy had a quick going out and is now sleeping on the settee as close as she can get to the radiator. I'm wearing my thickest dressing gown and have a large coffee so we are cosy. This week has been all about decorating as R my decorator arrived at every day, which meant I had to get up at 6am, get dressed sort Poppy out , make the bed, get a tray of cereal and coffee ready, move Poppies tray with food on it into the lounge, she loves that! and then we were trapped in the lounge all day, R and I put masks on every time I wanted to leave the room. I have never watched so much TV during the day, as I don't usually put it on until lunchtime news. A couple of days towards the end of the week we escaped into the garden and pottered about cutting back and pulling out weeds and one day we had lunch in the sunshine.  The hall is finished and looks good so yesterday I did Not get up to the alarm and pottered about all day. My daughter popped over to lend me some more books and a bottle of wine just in case the weather is bad for the next few days, I watched Ipswich Town on the computer and they won 2-0 Happy days, just a pity I have no Florentines left to celebrate with!!!!

I must get dressed now as Morrisons delivery is due this morning and and I must be prepared, so stay indoors, stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the snow out of the window. Happy Sunday from Poppy and me x

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