Saturday, February 20, 2021

Good things this week

 After lots of oh oh oh last week I am in a better frame of mind this one! The snow eventually melted off my steps and I can now get into the garden to walk and see what's about, I loved the groups of purple and mauve crocuses and a few pansies popping up. 

I was glad to see that the library is now open from 10am to1pm everyday, Tuesday I emailed in a list for select and collect, and on Wednesday they phoned and said my list was ready. What great service!! When I collected there were 9 books and they had given me some new authors to try so I was very happy. 

Thursday was the three weeks since my Covid jab so my daughter was able to come indoors, she hasn't been inside since Christmas and lovely as it has been to see her in the carport having a long chat in the lounge was great. and pensioners fish and chips is now back on the menu as my friend is now home again.

The weather has been cold and wet so only hurried short walks this week but several afternoons on the sofa catching up with saved TV programmes . Poppy likes these as when I am snuggled up on the sofa she leaves her throw and hops on my chair for the afternoon snooze.

Friday Morrison did not send any Whiskas, the delivery driver was very apologetic but luckily Poppy will not be on rations as I have good supply  and an emergency tin. Dawn has 4 cats so she can always drop off some if necessary.

We had a fun family Quiz last night, Grandson organised it and there were 8 of us so it took about 2 hours and lots of laughs I even had a glass of wine as did everyone else, my glass was like a thimble compared to theirs and it didn't help me to win !!! No prizes but the winner got to take their dog out at 9.30 pm as Gordon ( the dog ) was desperate by then.

It's 11 degrees here so we better get into the back garden and start cutting back and weeding.

Happy weekend to you all from Poppy and Val 

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