Friday, December 4, 2020

It's Snowing!!!!

 Woke up to snowing this morning, neither of us fancied going outside, Poppy  just about slunk out of the garden door and rushed in as soon as she could.  I am thinking of getting a cat flap as keeping opening and closing the door during the winter is a bind.  I haven't been far this week as weather has been raining except for Tuesday when my daughter Dawn came and we sorted out my front border, me pulling up french marigolds which had had their day and she doing the hard work of forking out the weeds and tidying everything up. I will plant things in the spring. Back garden is still a tip I have chopped down the rambler rose that blew down in a gale and still have another bin load to get rid of. Just recently I seem to have lots of things go wrong but am ploughing through them. latest one was my Fitbit which was showing the wrong time and I couldn't sort it out. My stepson rang for a chat yesterday and told me to put it next to my Iphone and sync the  Iphone up, lo and behold it worked and both are back to normal. thanks to Robert. Seeing the snow this morning I remembered that when I was looking after my 3 year old grandson (several years ago now) he rushed to the lounge window and said It's snowing out the front Nannie Val than rushed to the french doors and said It's snowing out the back as well!! and guess what it was*****  Keep warm in this cold weather. Val and Poppy.

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