Saturday, December 12, 2020

Quiet Week

I think the weather has made this a quiet week. Not much sun cold frosty and very rainy, in all it hasn't tempted me out much I have walked round the village delivering my cards and posted those I had to so thought I had done well nice and early but of course someone I had cut out of my list then sent me one so I must post one this weekend. Why is it always one that needs to be posted that catches me out!!   I have bought a new wreath for my parents grave and am meeting my sister in law next week as the graveyard is near her home and we will go for a walk in a park nearby. I lived there as a child and the walk was then the Dump and I was forbidden to go there so it will a change to see it as it is now 60 years later as although I drive past it to visit the grave I have never been in it. Best evening of the week was Thursday when I had a 4 way Portal chat with both my daughters and my grandson, which lasted nearly two hours!!( we can all talk for England when we get the chance) and by the time we were finished Poppy was winding round my legs wanting to have her evening play with her toys and then her supper. Yesterday I picked up my library book, delivered a present and card to an elderly friend who never stops talking, and picked up my prescription so am stocked up until February! My feet were soaked and so I have to throw out my old trainers and ordered some online. went mad and also ordered a candle arch as I need decorations that are easy to put up as I don't get up on steps any more. Also ordered a cafetiere ( have I spelt that right?) as mine has broken. Next week shall have several parcels. Today is gloomy but Poppy and I are going to spend the morning chopping up the last of my rambler rose which blew down in a storm and filling the brown garden bin for collection next week and then i will be watching my live stream of I.T.F.C. v Portsmouth with fingers crossed as I still have Florentines left to have if we score a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won last week so I was a happy bunny. Stay safe, love from Poppy and Val

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