Thursday, December 24, 2020

It's Christmas, well nearly.

 Tomorrow it will be Christmas, what a week leading up to it Daughter in tier 4 after only 13 hours in tier 3!! we have joined her jumping from 2 to 4. A 5 day Christmas changing to 1  and Brexit has finally been agreed. 

I have finally done everything I am going to towards hosting my first Christmas lunch for 10 years. I am lucky enough to have my daughter and family here on Christmas day and I have been stressing about having enough of everything  or messing it up by forgetting something. My list pads have been in overtime as every time  I go into a room I check the list in it and cross something off. Now I have reached the don't care time, if I haven't got it or done it  Hard luck and I am looking forward to opening my presents with my other daughter by Portal and later in the day both families will meet up on it. We will start a new tradition and whatever happens we will always remember this one.

Happy Christmas to all of my blog friends Poppy and I will be back soon, we are now going to have a Florentine and some Dreamies , question is who will have the most!!!!! Take all of you . with love from Val and Poppy xx

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  1. Hooray to find you - another person in Suffolk!
    Happy New Year to you!
    Hope you keep blogging - I'll put you on my reading list



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