Sunday, December 20, 2020

End of the week

 This week stated like most of them, after a very wet few days the sun shone on Monday and I walked at Needham Lake. it was very wet underfoot as I discovered my trainers were leaking so it was a bit squidgy. I popped into the range on my way home, it was very quiet with no queues. Then a lovely surprise was a visit from one of the W.I committee with a Christmas bundle. A pot of narcissus W.I .magazine a card  and a goody bag with several surprises including a choc. teacake with a hand knitted Christmas cover. It would have been our party night so they thought they would bring the party to us, so kind and I did appreciate it and the chat with Jo. Tuesday I walked round the village and delivered my local cards and watched I.T.F.C win a game!! Hurray 2 Dreamies  for Poppy 2 Florentines for me!! Wednesday I took a wreath to my parents grave at All Hallows, met my sister in law ands walked in Landseer Park. I had never walked here before as when I lived here as a child it was the local dump and although other children played there I was not  allowed to. (no health and safety then).  My daughter spent the afternoon with me. 

Thursday was Morrisons delivery and fish and chips day then the drama began as Poppy had been asleep during the evening. couldn't stand up on her back legs  with the back right leg sticking up didn't eat and wriggled about in pain, neither of us had much sleep, I phoned my daughter Friday morning and she came to let the plumber in as he was mending a leak on the boiler!! I took Poppy to the vet who said she had a puncture wound on the back leg (they thought from a fight) gave her anti biotics and painkiller and we got back just as the plumber was finishing.  We were all stressed out and it has taken 2 days for Poppy to get back on her feet, eating, and today she has been out in the garden, so all is well except for a big vets bill!!! Have a safe weekend, Poppy and Val


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  1. Looks like Christmas has come early for you. What a lovely gesture from the W.I. So glad that Poppy is on the mend.



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