Saturday, April 3, 2021

No computer!!

 This has been a mixed week. As we are allowed to meet outdoors my daughter had her usual family meal  in the garden, so lovely to see them all, we splashed out on a dominos pizza or 3 as they were on special offer so we tried different tastes, and I had a gooey chocolate cake in the freezer (left over from Christmas ) so we all enjoyed ourselves. Library had a book reserved for me so another day I collected it ,took a picnic and went again down to the R.Orwell and did bird  watching, peole watching and started the new book. then the weather changed to cold & windy so I have been catching up on all those things I keep putting off, oh and my grandson took my computer away to update it and find out why it was so slow.I do have an ipad and a mobile phone but I like the computer as I have quite a large screen -easy to see. Good Friday was cold and windy and I could not watch Ipswich on the I-Player No computer !!!!! they won for the first time in yonks, Poppy & I cheated with just 1 Florentine & 1 Dreamies even thogh the score was 2-1.My grandaughter came during the afternoon and did a sterling job in weeding my front garden, now it looks as good as my neibours. Well I mustn't let the side down !! The computer arrived back later so now I am back on track It is super fast as a cable has been replaced and the software or is it the hardware I don't know one from another updated.  So I'm back**** Happy Easter to my blog friend and any one else reading this from Val and Poppy xx


  1. Welcome back, Val and Poppy. xx

  2. I had totally missed hearing Ipswich had won - must do better at being a supporter!



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