Monday, April 12, 2021


 I have done several tapestry pictures over the years, several of which I have on my walls. the last one I made was called Sunflowers and I went off finishing it about 10 years ago. During first lockdown I sorted out my craft case and found it so I thought get it done Val so I spent the summer finishing off the beige border remembering why I had left it all these years, it was so boring that beige. Then I stuck it in the cupboard and forgot it. Found it last week and found it a place to go on the wall in the hall. Today I drove to the picture framers I have used for years, taking with me one they had previously framed as I wanted the Sunflowers to have the same frame and edging.I was totally amazed as they looked at their sticker on the back, went out the back, came back with a folder dated 2002, looked up the number and found when I had orderd it, the exact frame for it, my name address and tel. number so Sunflowers will match Spring Flowers.!!!!! 19 years since I finished the last one!! Hows that for great sevice?  


  1. It is absolutely brilliant! I'm seriously impressed.
    Isn't it nice that things like this are opening up again!

  2. That is so impressive!! Amazing that they hadn't moved their old files out of the office! Congratulations on finishing Sunflowers!

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