Friday, March 26, 2021


 This week has been my 2nd birthday in lockdown. Last year on my birthday Boris told the nation that we were officially in lockdown even though we all knew that something was coming. It was the day after Mothers Day when my daughter had spent time with me so I told her not to come as I wanted to go out in the car in case I couldn't after Boris had spoken. My  grandson came during the morning and then I prepared my favourite picnic of egg & cress sandwiches, crisps apple and banana and as it was my birthday a bar of chocolate together with a flask of coffee. I drove down to the layby at Wherstead  on the river Orwell and spent a happy time birdwatching, reading, playing on my Ipad and having the picnic. This year was very different as I started my birthday week meeting up with my sister in law at Suffolk food hall sitting on her portable chairs with a coffee. I do not drink out of paper cups so I produced my bone china mug and transferred the coffee she had bought me into it. We spent a happy hour together and she gave me a bunch of daffodils Mondays present. Tuesday, my birthday Dawn came over during the morning with lots of presents and cards, my grandson came after work with his partner with flowers and present, and later my other daughter Portald me with lots of chat and she had posted me presents which I opened with her. Wednesday more presents arrived by post from her and a friend. Thursday the postman brought me a tree in a box which turned out to be a blueberry . I must try and make sure it has fruit if and when she comes later on in the year, and today the only parcels I had were my Morrisons delivery. this is the first time I have had presents spread out for a week, (I could get used to daily presents but don't think that is going to happen!!!!) Tonight is our family portal chat. I am so blessed that they bought me one soon after lockdown. If you hear lots of chat and laughing it will us 10 chatting between Suffolk and Gosport. Happy weekend, love from Poppy asleep on the sofa and Val xx


  1. What a lovely long birthday!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. How lovely it all sounds. So happy and so full of rejoicing. Thanks for imparting some of the cheerfulness to me as I read it. xx



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