Saturday, March 6, 2021

First Week in March

 Well did Poppy eat Whiskas with meat? She didn't have much choice really as I had bought a large box of sachets so after me not giving her biscuits which she loves and a lot of winding round my legs in order to butter me up into giving her fish she has eaten the meat and now we are back to normal, It was a traumatic weekend for her as beside the fish issue I went to let her out on Saturday when she did what she usually does and sat in the doorway checking the garden out with a swishing tail then she turned round and shot up the utility room and in the kitchen, I looked out to see another black cat walking along my neighbours fence, I shouted at it but it jumped down into my garden, walked to the bottom border jumped up onto the fence, along to their summer house. on up over their bungalow roof keeping an eye on me all the while. Poppy is now checking the garden even more and I think this must be the cat that bit her in December costing me £84 in vets fees!!!

Glad to see the stamp duty is extended, it means my grandsons house purchase has more time to get through so soon they will be on the move.

I went to Morrisons to get some compost, £3 each or 5 for£10, a very kind man put 5 into my trolley and as I went to put them into the car 2 men got out of a lorry and did it for me.  People are kind nowadays. Dawn put them on my trolley and took them into the back garden so now I can sort out my tubs. She also opened a jar of picked onions for me and checked out stuff on the computer so now we are up to date again!! 

Ipswich Town have a new manager thank goodness so today I am going to watch the match live on the streaming service so fingers crossed we win and I will have Florentines as a Treat,(I have bought some more) and Poppy will have 4 Dreamies***

It's cold 3% but the sun is shining weakly so happy weekend to you. Stay safe. Poppy and Val


  1. Well. I hope Paul Cook does better than the last 2 or is it 3 managers who never seemed very encouraging.
    Not sure what I think about new possible foreign owners although it might mean more money for good players.
    Come On You Blues! we want to be back up to Premiership and play and beat Norwich in two seasons time!

    1. Back to the same lack lustre performance, you'd think they would all be trying to impress Paul Cook but too many did not perform to their best.

  2. Nice to know Morrisons is getting in potting compost - I'll take a nosey at our local store and see.
    It has been really chilly here too. Not at all nice. No rain though!



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