Monday, March 15, 2021

Ups and Downs

 Last week was up and down. Early in the week I went to buy a pot of flowers usually chrysanthemums for my Parents grave No outdoor pots only expensive indoor ones for Mothers day so I went to Morrisons and bought a large pot of tete a tete daffodils with lots of buds and then took them to their grave. I usually tell them what's  going on in the family and as I hadn't been since Christmas I had plenty of time to bring them up to date as the Christmas wreath was still there ! Not much walking this week as it has been wet, cold & windy. and the weather excelled itself on Saturday by raining. and heavy hail that laid in the garden and on the roof!!! luckily I was watching the live streaming of the Ipswich v Plymouth game so I was warm & snug indoors & they won 1-0 (that was the good thing). I'm out of Florentines so it was a fruit gum for me 

& Dreamies for Poppy when they scored.

I had a great time on Mothers day as my Daughter came in the afternoon and we joined my other daughter from Gosport on virtual Mothers day afternoon tea. Dawn brought ours in & Sharon had also had one delivered so we ate, talked,  drank Prosecco , Sharon did not have a drink in her box but Made do with Gooseberry gin which she had as a present . It was lovely being together and I do appreciate the Portal they bought me when lockdown began. 

Went to bed just before 11pm and my smoke alarm in my bedroom began to bleep every few minutes. I can't get up ladders now so had to ring my grandson who had gone to bed and he popped over and reset it for me, He got to mine very quickly and said he met no traffic in Ipswich or in my village, that doesn't surprise me as  there is never much about normally  let alone during lockdown. 

Today I have been to the library and picked up 2 reserved books and then walked along by the river talking to several dog owners and patting their dogs, so I am back on walking track. Legs hurt but must put up with that. Poppy was not pleased with the doggy smells on my hands but is ok now. 

That's my up and down weekend, I think the ups won😺😺

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