Friday, January 29, 2021

I've Had It!!!

At last I've had my Vaccination. Mine was postponed as they did not have enough vaccine but on Wednesday I received a letter asking me to book another appointment. I straight away logged on and booked an appointment for the next day (Thursday)  at 5.30 pm. at the newly opened clinic held in the Gainsborough Sports Centre. I have not driven far in the dark for about a year due to lockdown and having to have a cataract operation  during the summer so I quite enjoyed driving into Ipswich and seeing the changes made in a year. I had to queue for a few minutes and then all went smoothly and I have my next jab in April. I was pleased to get home and Poppy and I celebrated with the last of my Florentines and some Dreamies, I'll leave you to work out who had  what!. Today is my friend Violets birthday so I popped round with a card and guess what, whilst I was at Gainsborough she was at Trinity Park not 2 miles away having her Jab, not that will make much difference to our lives as we really miss our days out pottering round different village, garden centres and the seaside not forgetting adding to our lists of favourite places to eat. we will get back to them eventually and in the meantime today is sunny and bright, and I have a Portal call this evening with all my family in Suffolk and Hampshire. We shall be able to wish Happy Birthday  to my youngest grandson who will be 15 tomorrow. 

Must go now as Morrisons are delivering tomorrow and all I have ordered so far is cat food so someone in my house has got their priorities right. 

Stay safe and warm as it is getting colder this weekend. Speak to you soon. from Poppy and Val.


  1. Good news that you have been jabbed.Suffolk seems to be catching up with the rest of the country at last.

    My youngest grandson is 1 next week, hope I'm still around when he is 15.........Yikes I'll be 80!

  2. That's great news. I'm so glad they rescheduled you so quickly.

  3. Every vaccine given is a step in the right direction! No matter where you are in the world.



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