Friday, January 8, 2021

It's Cold

 I do not like the cold an wet so have been moaning to myself as it was cold and wet all weekend and now for the past few days it has been very cold and frosty. The cold makes the pain in my hip worse but it something I just have to put up with, so no more moaning Val!

My best friend Pat has had a fall and cracked some ribs, Not much the Paramedics could do for her so she has gone off to stay with her daughter for a while. just got there before Boris locked us in again. I shall miss her and especially her daughter who every Thursday bought me pensioner  fish and chips (with scraps!!!) when she picked her and Pats up. Lovely not to have to cook on Thursdays. 

Haven't been in the garden much as it's so cold and Poppy isn't keen either, She sits on my bedroom window until I let her in and goes to see if there's any thing to eat in the kitchen. spends a lot of the day snoozing and when she is awake rushes up and down like a mad thing, playing with her toys. She won't use the scratching post I bought and loves pouncing on and fighting a Grumpy cat toy she had for Christmas Other favourites are a long cord, I hold one end and she grabs the other when it is moving and wrestles it until I give in, and a small cushion with catnip in it.

Today I had Morrisons delivery and I took a couple of bags of glass to the village recycling areas. I had planned to walk through the churchyard, up Vicarage Lane and back down Ship lane but it was so cold I just walked to the river and back and got home as soon as I could. 

It's crumpets for tea for me and tuna Whiskas for Poppy so goodbye for now, take care and keep warm

Poppy nd Val

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  1. Poor Pat, that sounds very unpleasant. I'm glad she's being looked after. A shame about the fish and chips though.



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