Friday, November 27, 2020

It.s cold

 It's cold today and we woke up to gloomy fog which has thinned out but looks like hanging around for the rest of today so I am not going for a walk. I had planned to go to the post office  but when I went yesterday afternoon (it's in our Coop) they were closed so I spent my coupons on bits and pieces so really don't need to go until next week when I must buy Christmas stamps and post a big envelope of cards to my daughter so she can dole them out in Gosport. Our local scouts are not doing their usual deliveries this year because of you know what so I may need a few extra stamps, must ask my other daughter how much stamps are these days as I don't use many!!

I took 3 bags of empty bottles to the bottle bank las weekend and got rid of a few stresses chucking them in!!!! probably because ITFC stressed me out by playing rubbish football on Saturday, not scoring any goals meant I did not get to have a Florentine as a reward. 

Monday we were up early at 6 o'clock as the plumber was coming to flush through my heating system at 8 o'clock. luckily I have a gas fire in the lounge so I kitted us out with a tray for coffee, an electric kettle, box of biscuits and Poppies food tray with water biscuit and salmon in jelly. I think she thought it was her birthday and kept going and having a snack. this is the first time workmen have ben here since she arrived and she was fine. After sniffing the tools and getting the men to stroke her she came back into the lounge, had a snack and slept on her favourite blanket. Heating is fine now just got to wait for the bill!!

Next day I put most things back into the airing cupboard it was quite tiring up and down the ladder but now it looks very neat and the charity bag is bulging 

Getting dark outside now so will get Poppy indoors for the evening and have a lovely meal of turkey casserole and dumplings. There will be enough for 2 days I hope so not much cooking tomorrow when I shall be watching ITFC play Charlton and hoping for a few Florentines. 

Stay safe and goodbye Poppy and Val

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