Saturday, November 21, 2020

 Another Odd Week

I started the week by walking round Needham Lake as it had rained all weekend . My, the car park was full and I had to park nearly in a puddle ! still it was great to have fresh air and everyone smiled and distanced  I love Florentines and usually have them at Christmas time. My daughter bought me 2 boxes from Aldi and told me not to eat them all at once (Ha Ha). Tuesday Poppy and I spent time in the garden filling my brown bin which will be emptied on Thursday, I had ordered  a select and collect from Broomhill library where they chose books for you and on Wednesday I picked up a great selection which will keep me going for a while. Morisons delivery was fine this week and Thursday was a quiet day with my friend delivering pensioners Fish and Chips when she bought some for herself and her Mother. Bliss not having to cook lunch every Thursday. I spent the day emptying my airing cupboard as my heating system is being flushed next Monday. Found a few things lurking at the top and back I had forgotten about including 6 nice washbags ! Can't decide which to keep, the rest to charity bag. Friday woke up to quite a frost and it was cold all day. to get out I drove to the bottle bank 3 bags emptied and the walked through the churchyard and up Vicarage  looking at all the nice houses there and round in a circle back down Ship Lane. after lunch I went to washup and found my boiler was dripping water out of the bottom onto my microwave. Not much water so moved the microwave phoned the plumbers and put a washing up bowl under it. It's not going to blow up( I hope) and they will sort it on Monday. I needed  a Florentine or two  to calm my  nerves!!! Poppy helped me with a few Dreamies. I'm watching Ipswich Town live this afternoon and still have Florentines left in the first box so will have one each time we score! Always took pastilles to football and friends round me, 9 of them had a sweet when we scored, last season I took home unopened packets several times until those cheeky men said I should check them to see if they were out of date  as so few goals were scored. Oh how I miss my football, sometimes I think I will never get there again, but heigh ho I am lucky as I can stream them live so I'm hoping for a quiet weekend, lots of Ipswich goals and more Florentines****** Take care from Poppy and me

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