Saturday, November 14, 2020

 Wet and Windy,

It's been a funny old week, I started off with a trip to Shotley and took a picnic as I don't want to buy any takeaway coffee ( I hate takaway and cardboard cups and never drink out of them and usually keep a bone china cup in the car and use that if necessary but today I took my own flask. Parked down by the Marina and walked round the Marina as the lock gate crossing was closed, It was a beutifull sunny day and I  paused at the Ganges memorial to remember my grandfather who joined the navy as a boy and served  in the first world war, he came home safely.  After a couple of hours there Poppy and I did a bit of clearing up in the garden, I'm finding it a bit of a struggle now so just do a bit at a time.

Thursday is my delivery day from Morrisons and when I checked it,  it was 16 items missing and these had been paid for!!! Emailed them, got the standard reply the would deal with it within 3-5 days, well thats no good as I was missing all my fresh fruit and dairy products so after talking to my daughter I rang them up, they answered promptly but it took 1 &1/2 hours and three girls later who kept putting me on hold whist they tried to find my food before it was settled. My money was refunded and because I wanted my food and didn't want to reorder (and pay extra delivery) I was put onto the doorstep delivery for the next day  when it was all delivered.  I'm not good at complaining and I kept calm as it wasn't the poor girls fault who had to deal with me. Someone on my round had obviously got my 2 bags of food and kept the goods £20  worth!!!

I needed a long walk after that so walked along the Gipping to Hazel Wood and back through the village  and relaxed with a coffee and a hot X bun

Poppy is  trying salmon and jelly from a tin instead of a pouch and as she is round my legs when she gets a smell of it I think it is a hit.***

I'm having fish pie and rosti for my tea and guess what Poppy is having.?

Time to draw the curtains now. xx

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