Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Good and bad

 The good thing is that the heating is working well especially as I did not sleep well last night and have been up for some time. With lockdown starting tomorrow we had our weekly family evening meal here at mine as it might be some time until we get together again. I had several little jobs I needed doing and they all pitched in, rehanging the fairy lights in the conservatory, sorting out a few glitches on my computer, Finishing my 1000 piece jigsaw that I had abandoned, eating our takeaways and lots of talking and laughs, Oh how I will miss these family get togethers. 

Now to the bad What's that mark on the ceiling Jared asked when we were in the study ? Oh no huge watermark on the ceiling, another on the hall ceiling and  a smaller on on the hall wall!!!  after looking into the loft we think the tank is leaking, so now you know why I couldn't sleep  and my sciatica is playing up. I will be on the phone as soon as I can and now will have to spend my last day of freedom indoors with my fingers crossed that plumber can come today!!! Poppy couldn't work out why we were up when it was dark but after an early breakfast is now snoozing, I wish I was too but must get sorted  but before I get into the shower I think I deserve another coffee before I face today properly. Good morning for now fingers crossed it will be for me and Poppy

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