Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Quick Update.

 Just to reassure everyone me included Ian arrived early afternoon and took everything out of the top of the airing cupboard and cleaned out the pump and we now have heating and hot water, Thank you Ian. as usual he opened a bottle for me as my wrists are a bit weaker now, his first words were which bottle wants opening as I always get workmen, grandson or anyone else whos about to do the honors. This time I also got him to hang my kitchen clock up  after it had had the hour put back by me.

Oh and we  did have dumplings with the second casserole so I warmed up nicely!! 

Went to get Poppy in the other day and discovered another black cat sitting in my bottom garden border, Poppy was sitting by the back door waiting for me to do something. I don't think either knew what to do but I did, I  shouted shoo and clapped my hands and it shot up the fence and disappeared, since then she peers out of the garden door to check if everything is ok  and so do I***

Time to close the blinds on this wet horrible day. Bye

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