Monday, October 26, 2020

 A Bit of a Week

This week we had two birthdays and a visit to Gosport plus all my usual things like a morning with my best friend  Pat who doesn't get out much now my Zumba class which as usual was great fun plus a birthday meal cooked by my grandson for both the birthdays girls Faye and Libby, more presents to find!!

Early Saturday morning(6 am) it's very early for me I got up to find NO heating or hot water, Oh Oh Oh . couldn't do anything about it as we left before 8am to go to Gosport . The journey was fairly smooth and we made it from Suffolk in 3 hours. where we found not only Sharon Dave and the children but a new member had arrived the previous day a Maltese terrier only 9 weeks old and just like a toy puppy dog, His name is Gordon and we all had lots of cuddles After a walk to The Range to buy him some toys etc. we all had a lovely family day Sharon had made homemade soup for lunch and we all had afternoon tea as a late birthday tea, both Dawn and Sharon were born in August (but not the same year !!) Sharon had found a tiered cake stand in the shape of a Dalek Dawn is a massive Dr. Who  fan and grandson Charlie had put it together. It really finished our day off . It was raining heavily all way home in the dark with puddles on the A3 M25 & the A12 creating aquaplaning hazards, I was so pleased that it was Dawn driving not me. Of course no heating and no hot water awaited us so Poppie and I sat near my gas fire wrapped up with a hot water bottle, hot chocolate and Dreamies to finish what had been a lovely day.

Sunday we did a bit in the garden a couple of loads of washing and drying and watched football on tv after I had a half an hour walk. I had made a turkey casserole in my slow cooker and added dumplings to it to warm me up haven't had dumplings for several years and they hit the spot  How one misses central heating when you haven't got it.

I am expecting the heating engineer today   and will have the rest of the casserole for my main meal , Shall I have dumpling again, I'll let you know  xx

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