Sunday, October 4, 2020


 I don't know why I took a long time blocking up all the exits from the garden as Poppy discovered the quickest way out was to climb the side gate , hop onto the conservatory roof and disappear on the bungalow roof !! I was scared she would not come back so I stayed in the garden, did a bit of cutting back and then sat with a coffee and my book, She strolled back about 20 mins later and accepted a Dreamie for being a good girl and coming home. We then went indoors and I breathed a sigh of relief. Since then she has gone out on her own with me leaving the conservatory door open for her and leaving her to it, she spends some time out and comes in and waits by the kitchen door to come in. We have had a lot of rain in Suffolk this last week and she's not keen on getting wet so comes in quite quickly. 

I have been very lazy this last week and apart from my Zumba class have not done much in the way of exercise or gardening(blame the rain again) so am determined to make this next week a bit more active. My fitbit watch went wrong but no excuses now as I was at my family meal last night and F reset it for me  It's so nice spending time with them all all 6 of us and we had a lovely evening playing board games with lots of laughing and a Chinese takeaway to celebrate my daughters early retirement. 

It' raining again today so now I am going to do yootube exercise Walk a mile in 15 mins, wish me luck 

Poppy is snoozing now   Goodbye 

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