Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 To day was Poppies first trip out into the back garden, She scoured all the fences to find a hole to get through  but luckily did not find one as I had spent quite a time checking everywhere. It was sunny and warm so I sat outside with her for about 20 mins whilst she explored and then tried to get her to come inside with a few dreamies which she normally loves but totally ignored!! eventually I had to get a bowl of food and leave it just inside the door and when she got quite close to it I grabbed her and in we went. She was quite happy I was a nervous wreck incase she escaped. I think next time it will be when I have nothing else to do but be in the garden with her.

This afternoon is Zumba time and I did enjoy spending time with friends and then popping into Morrisons and getting a disc engraved for her collar. must put it onto her new collar before she goes out again. Time for tea now bye from Poppy and Me

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