Friday, October 9, 2020


  We both seem to be obsessed by food this week, I have put on some weight during lockdown so have made the hard decision to try and lose some weight, Meals are fine except for Thursday when a friend brings me pensioner s special fish and chips at lunchtime, I am going to find that very difficult to give up so have decided to work round that if I can!!! Evenings are the worst as I crave chocolate and crisps neither of which I had for the last 2 years when I lost quite a lot of weight, I was proud of myself for doing that and must not let that fat get back on or I will have to buy bigger clothes, No No No. 

Poppy is playing up over her food, she ate Whiskers and biscuits when she arrived but during the last week has licked off the jelly on the wet food but not eaten the meat. She is still eating the biscuit and wants to eat especially if I give her some of my food (I know I should not feed her ) She is fine in herself and goes out on her own now, loves her treats but I wonder if she is getting hooked on them just as I an with chocolate !!  I might try cat soup but it is expensive Any suggestions please?

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