Friday, October 16, 2020

It,s Friday again.

 This week seems like all the other weeks with not that much happening. I like to get out most days except at the weekend as there are more people about and I can go everywhere during the week when it is quieter. On Monday I drove to Felixstowe and went to the Seamens mission on the docks with knitted hats which I do when watching  TV. I had quite a lot as this is the first time I have been since lockdown started. then I drove to the Viewing Area where you can see ships in the dock and also Harwich and Shotley on the other banks, No pictures as I have not yet mastered getting them onto the blog!! I treated myself to a hot chocolate and cheese on toast as an early lunch and it was lovely . The cafe was spread out well and several people were out on the verandah with their food. Dogs are allowed there so it is usually popular. I then parked by the prom and walked along a calm sea front with quite a few people doing the same thing. The amusements and machines were open on the pier but the thought of all those people plus several children running about yelling put me off. No chance of social distancing so I walked about half an hour back to the car. Popped into Lidle as I hadn't been in one for months and picked up a few things then went home where  Poppy & I had a quiet session reading the local paper. Wednesday was Zumba afternoon and a trip to the library and today I have been getting stuff for Christmas presents as my daughter D is taking me next week for  a days visit to my daughter S in Gosport whom I Have not seen since the summer and if we get locked in again we might not see her before Christmas. I am going to spend the weekend wrapping the parcels,  planting pansies in my front garden pots, will have to sneak out while Poppy is snoozing as she isn't used to the front yet and watching ITFC live on my computer on Saturday afternoon.

Think I need a coffee now so goodbye from Poppy and Me

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