Sunday, September 20, 2020

Whose in Charge?

 I thought I would be in charge of one cat but Poppy has other ideas, She thinks my bed is quite big enough for two and wants to keep me company all night, I disagree. We have compromised by her not sleeping with me but she now tries to wake me up around 6 am to give her  her breakfast. I am trying to resist this as I don't want to get up that early!!! She likes to sleep on my armchair when I am out and does not take kindly to being  moved off. last evening she sulked when I moved her so I could watch the football on tv hid behind the blinds with just her tail poking out like aa accusing finger> My daughter says she probably just doesn't like football did no one tell her football and me are bonded together. I must get her a blue and white collar with ITFC on it. This week I returned to Zumba gold seated sessions ( for those 'girls ' who find Zumba too much!!!) It's been online since Lockdown began but I chickened out of Zoom. Lovely to return and do excercise to great music and lots of laughs. We always had coffee and chat afterwards but of course that is not allowed so bring your own water so when we left we all had a chat with masks on in the carpark socially distancing of course.

back to Poppy, the weather has been warm and sunny and that is a problem as Poppy is not allowed out for 3 weeks so all the windows and doors are shut making it hot indoors. I need  the fan on in the lounge and conservatory,  Poppy hates them so I'm sitting in front of them and  she's lying behind them, a sneaky way to get her off my armchair is to switch the fan on and she will hop off the chair!!!

Some one wants to be stroked now so thats all    


  1. She is keeping you on your toes! 6am is very cheeky. She will just have to wait a bit longer for breakfast!



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