Thursday, September 17, 2020

Our first week

 This is my first ever blog so I hope that if anyone reads it they will understand if I mess it up! 

Poppy my new rescue cat arrived a week ago I have been waiting a long time for a cat as I had decided to have a cat just before lockdown and so had to wait until we emerged in order to find a rescue cat that I liked  and the cats protection league thought fitted me!She is completly black with yellow eyes is 9 years old and very friendly, I couldn't visit her at the cattery due to Covid restrictions so we met in my lounge,. She is very friendly and we got on well together. Poppy has quickly learned where everything is in my bungalow  and is now quite at home She has made friends with my family and knows where the Dreamies are kept   anything for a Dreamie!!! At present she is lying on the sofa in the sun  next to me and we keeping our fingers crossed that I can post this. 

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