Saturday, January 23, 2021

Vaccine? what Vaccine.

 Still haven't heard a new date for my vaccine, which is made me feel a bit down as I was happy to get the appointment and now feel a bit dejected. As I don't have any control over it I am putting it to the back of my mind and getting on day by day, even though some friends have had theirs. Suffolk has only vaccinated 36 % of over 80s the lowest in the country . 

Several sunny days this week and I have walked along the river Gipping to Hazel wood and yesterday walked through the churchyard and round in a circle via Vicarage lane and Ship lane. I have been to the fish and chip shop nearby and was happy when I was told to wait in my car and they would wave to me when it was cooked. They did and very nice it was too. Poppy and I spent a short while in the back garden  tidying up one of the borders then we spent the afternoon in the sunny lounge she was snoozing and I read the paper and talked for an hour to my s. son Robert who I haven't seen since the summer. I did not let Poppy out until it was dark and so this morning when I drew the curtains discovered that the fence at the bottom of the garden had been replaced during the afternoon. A surprise, and also I was surprised and pleased to have 2 parcels this week. My daughter sent me some books as she knows how I am missing the library and my other daughter sent me one of her beautiful handmade cards and also 2 twin packs of Hartleys sugar free jelly chrystals which she found in her local Coop and I have not been able to get from Morrisons order since before Christmas! so I will be making several bowls of jelly with fruit in and some whisked up with yoghurt. I do like to have a dessert with my meals. I am off to sort out the fridge and cupboards as Morrisons are delivering, tomorrow. Poppy loves to poke her nose into everything and she will get into any cupboard if I don't watch her. Stay safe and warm this weekend love from your friends Poppy and Val


  1. and no one seems to know why we are so far behind in vaccinations either which is odd. Just read that numbers with Covid in Mid Suffolk are dropping - good news.
    Enjoy your new books

  2. I do hope you hear soon - it must be so frustrating. xx



 I was sorting out my loyalty cards and found a garden gift card amongst them. I checked it out online and had £5 left on it, card was valid...