Sunday, July 4, 2021

A bit quieter this week

 Things have settled down this week except for the sport on TV. I have been feeling a bit more active except for Wednesday morning when I was so laid back I didn't get dressed until 12 miday!!!just pottered around but then realised it was Zumba afternoon and as usual we had a great time . It makes me feel more energetic and after our usual coffee and chat I attacked my back garden which has shot up since we have had some rain this week. Will have to have  another go soon as yesterday afternoon we had a tremendous storm for about an hour including thunder and lightning, the noise in my conservatory  was deafning so Poppy and I retreated into the lounge to read or snooze. All waterbutts are full and pot plants are standing in water so todays job is to save that water on buckets for later. It was very humid all day so I was pleased that I had walked down to the river early in the day.

Sport has been great this week England beat Germany 2-0 and then got through to the semi finals winning 4-0 against Ukraine. My lucky football socks have done the job again, I shall not wash them whilst we are winning!!! felt sorry for Andy he looked shattered most nights and I think he needs think hard about his future.

It's cool this morning so I am attacking my wisteria which has put forth lots of waving tendrils. This evening I am joining my family for a meal out so no cooking for me today. Hurrah. Happy Sunday to all my blog friends. Hugs from Poppy and Val  

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  1. I missed this last week, so sorry. Ho lovely to have a wisteria. I think they are beautiful.



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