Monday, June 7, 2021


 It's been a lovely weekend with me potting round the garden and lazing about reading, and Poppy  checking out anything that moves and stretching out in various cool places and sunny ones. She will investigate anything and everything and whilst I was sitting reading she hopped up on the chair next to me, and onto the large garden rubbish bin ( that the council charges £50. a year for since they closed the closed the local tip). The bin was quite full with lots of twiggy bits in it, she started to walk across the top and promply sank and disappeared!! a lot of scrabbling went on and then a paw appeared then another, she hauled herself out gave me a fithy look and jumped down and hid under my table. I could have got her out but thought it might teach her a lesson, since then she has given it a wide berth!!  I do have 2 water butts and they have lids so she should be safe when she gets onto them!!! Stay safe and have a happy day Val and Poppy

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 I was sorting out my loyalty cards and found a garden gift card amongst them. I checked it out online and had £5 left on it, card was valid...